Why Danfoss AC drives really are cool!


As you may already have noticed from our social media channels, Danfoss has signed an official sponsorship agreement for the Pan-European Champions Hockey League (CHL) for the 2016/17 season.

Ice hockey is a fast and exciting sport that’s full of action. The same applies to Danfoss and, in particular, the AC-drives business. That’s why the sponsorship agreement for the CHL makes perfect sense.

“Danfoss is already well-known in ice hockey circles: our cooling technologies are used in ice rinks around the world. The Champions Hockey League, as the only Pan-European ice hockey platform, is a highly compelling opportunity for the drives business. It offers our brands superb exposure across many of our key sales regions, such as middle and north Europe, which all hold a strong affiliation to the sport. This cooperation gives Danfoss Drives a good opportunity to offer inspiring experiences to our customers and key stakeholders,” commented Heikki Hiltunen, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Service, Danfoss Drives.

How many AC drives are operating in the arena?

You might be forgiven for thinking that drives are only used in the cooling systems for the ice in the arena. For sure, the cooling technology is vital when it comes to making the perfect ice; not too thick (as this would require excess energy to keep it frozen) and not too thin (so that it’s not dangerous for the players).

Drives are also needed to control the indoor temperature and humidity. Doors are opening and closing continually, and the outdoor temperature can have a significant impact on the indoor temperature. And even one degree of temperature change can make a big difference to the quality of the ice.

It’s also important to take the comfort of the visitors to the arena into account. No-one wants to watch a game feeling like they’re sitting in a refrigerator! Drives are used in the building automation system to control the heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications to ensure maximum energy efficiency while providing ultimate levels of comfort.

With a lot of excited people packed into a sports arena, safety is also a key factor. Drives include functionality to assist in emergencies and help save lives in case of a fire hazard. You can read more about how our AC drives are operating successfully in a large sports arena here.

Get social!

The CHL features 48 teams with the season running from 16 August 2016 until the final on 7 February 2017 which will be played at the home arena of the club with the best record.

“Just like the ice hockey teams competing in the CHL, Danfoss strives to be world-class in its field. We are 100% focused on developing, manufacturing and supplying high-quality, application-optimized AC drives that maximize process performance, save the most energy and minimize emissions. We are confident this cooperation will be beneficial for both Danfoss and for our customers throughout Europe,” states Poul Harder Nielsen, Senior Vice President global sales, Danfoss Drives.

Watch a clip of the action here:

Keep following this blog and our social media channels for more news about our cooperation with the CHL. And, if you’re coming to watch one of the CHL games, keep a look out for our fan-oriented competitions and activities. We’re looking for the most active fans to get social and warm up the atmosphere. But not too much, we don’t want to damage the ice, do we?!

Author: Joni Lampinen, Vice President, Marketing, Danfoss Drives