Passion and dedication create a winning team

Danfoss_CHL_final_3The 2016-17 Champions Hockey League season came to a close on Tuesday night with a hard-fought battle between Frölunda Gothenburg and Sparta Prague. Passion and dedication to their sport was displayed by both teams, but Frölunda were crowned the champions with a final score of 4–3 after a nail-biting game and the thrilling title-winning goal scored by Niklas Lasu in extra time.

The exciting Pan-European CHL tournament featured 48 teams with the season running from 16 August 2016 until the final on 7 February 2017. During the course of the season, over 500,000 spectators packed the stadiums around Europe. Thanks to a better record throughout the competition, Frölunda earned the right to host the final in the Frölundaborgs Isstadion in Gothenburg, western Sweden.

As sponsors, Danfoss and its two AC drives brands – VLT® and VACON® – were seen on advertising hoardings around the arena and under the ice. And the online magazine program presented by Danfoss – “CHL Centre Ice” – was viewed by nearly 60,000 fans.


Creating the perfect ice

As you will see from our video, it also takes a certain level of passion and dedication to create the perfect surface for the skaters. A complex system of refrigerant systems, including piping, automation and control valve stations, are responsible for keeping ice at the ideal temperature – somewhere between -2°C and -4°C.

Fine-tuning and precise temperature control are achieved using a complex system of pressure and temperature sensors and AC drives. And, to achieve the highest levels of electric energy savings, AC drives adjust the speed of compressors and also cooling brine and condenser circuit pumps and dry cooler fans.

Ensuring safety and comfort

In ice hockey arenas around the world, it’s also important ensure a safe and comfortable environment for the spectators. AC drives are used in building automation systems to control heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications. They keep the indoor temperature and humidity at a level to ensure maximum energy efficiency while providing ultimate levels of comfort.

And, with a lot of excited people packed into a sports arena, safety is also a key factor. AC drives include functionality to assist in emergencies and help save lives in case of a fire hazard.


“We would like to say thanks to the CHL for the successful cooperation throughout the season. And a big thanks to all the players, fans, customers and partners who, with fire in their hearts and ice in their veins, have shown their passion and dedication to make each and every game an exciting and action-packed event,” commented Heikki Hiltunen, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Service for Danfoss Drives.

Author: Joni Lampinen, Vice President, Marketing, Danfoss Drives

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