How the digital transformation has reshaped our digital tools


The digital transformation has, without a shadow of doubt, revolutionized how customers perceive a valued relationship with their partner and vice versa.

Driving efficiency and creating added value for our customers are the main goals we focus on in our connectivity team and within Danfoss Drives product management. And, to achieve that, takes a strong combination of responsiveness, customization and innovation.

Building or enhancing a product are the first steps a product manager can consider, but it’s also important to invest in the right digital tools. Danfoss Drives offers a wide range of software tools that create unprecedented value for customers by allowing them to empower their AC drive by providing easy operation and the highest level of customization.

Strategize and prioritize

A recent case involved a global equipment and process technology provider for the food industry and a wide range of other industries who needed to create customized motor data functionality in their drives database. This had already been defined by the Danfoss sales organization as must-have functionality to put Danfoss on a par with our competitors. An initial meeting with the customer was set up which helped us to identify the issues. The product management team then worked quickly and decisively to resolve their requirements and expectations.

The customer was looking to update different motor profiles based on their application needs. For example, ASM, PM, SYN to ASM IE2, ASM IE3, ASM IE4, PM, SYN. The solution was based on the new VLT® Software Customizer.

The VLT® Software Customizer plug-in is an integrated part of our existing drive commissioning software. This strong and user-friendly tool, developed to reinforce our digital capabilities, enables customers to customize the commissioning experience of their drive based on their specific application needs.

As part of the solution, a tutorial video was developed which highlighted:

– A project in VLT® Motion Control Tool MCT 10 with drive profile with VLT® AutomationDrive FC 302 version 8.10

– A brief walkthrough of VLT® Software Customizer features

– A detailed step-by-step explanation of 2 possible solutions:

CSIV file – initial values feature is demoed which helps us explain the use case while creating customer-specific initial values (CSIV). CSIV should be used when OEMs already know which parameters and values are used, and when these are always the same. CSIV also helps in case of service, where, with a simple initialization, the drive will start with defined values specified by the OEM in CSIV.

SAS file – we explained how, by creating an SAS file, the application-related parameters can help the user confirm quickly with LCP. SAS file can be used when OEMs are not the ones inserting final values, but it’s the OEM that specifies which parameters need to be changed to run the application they have designed.

– The in-built LCP simulator also helped us to explain the use case and demonstrate it effectively

Customer satisfaction is the key

Meeting the objectives of our customers allows us to create success stories. It helps us understand how technology can improve operations and bring them closer to customers, embrace collaboration and make tough choices too.

The customer was extremely impressed with our clarity, innovative thinking, ability to engage and execute, and finally with our comprehensive solutions and services.

The above case is one of the biggest examples where we proved that all complex situations can be well-managed with collective effort and strategy, and staying open and fresh with ideas and decisiveness. Every goal is achievable.

If you are facing any challenges with your applications, we’d love to hear about them. Don’t hesitate to put a comment in the box below. It’s our job to help you use our drives to get the most out of your applications.

Author: Arun Kumar, Product Manager, Danfoss Drives


  1. Atif Mehmood

    Im using MCT10 software bout last 7-years it is very friendly and comprehensive drives software but I couldn’t find Danfoss drive firmware updater files .Ose and .osx but vacon files are available. Could you please share download link.

    • Danfoss Drives Team

      Hello, You can update the MCT10 program with a new .upd file, however, you need a service partner to upload new firmware. Please contact your local service partner:

  2. Thanks for the great feedback and the excellent cooperation in this case

  3. Was a great success and the presentation was really smooth.
    By showing the video, it was self explanatory and lead into a very positive feedback and discussion on next steps.
    Well done, Costa & Arun!

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