Heikki Hiltunen heads to new challenges


After 15 years’ with the Company, I’ve decided to leave my position as Danfoss Drives’ Senior Vice President, Sales, Marketing and Aftermarket Services at the end of July to take on new challenges.

At 54 years of age, and, after 30 years in the drives and automatization business, I came to the conclusion that the time was right for me to grasp a new opportunity in my professional life. As such, I will be joining iLOQ – a company that specializes in electronic lock systems – as their CEO. In the interim period before my successor is appointed, Danfoss Drives President, Vesa Laisi, will take over my responsibilities.

It’s very exciting to start a new role in a completely new type of business. But, at the same time, it was a difficult decision to make as Danfoss Drives has a pretty exciting future ahead.

We’ve come a long way over the last 15 years, and the next chapter in our history – our digital transformation – is currently being written. I am very proud to have contributed to the success of both the Vacon and the Danfoss Drives business that we have built up after the merger. And I am confident that Danfoss Drives will maintain its position as a leader in the drives industry; continuing to innovate products and services to help the world of tomorrow do more with less, and to find more and better ways to serve its customers.

I would like to thank my team, all our customers and everyone that is driven by drives for their support during my time with the Company. It’s been a privilege to work with you all.

Even though I am stepping off the train, the Danfoss Drives journey will well and truly continue. I look forward to hearing more great news from the drives family.

Author: Heikki Hiltunen, Senior Vice President, Sales, Marketing and Aftermarket Services, Danfoss Drives

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