Harmonic Distortion & Mitigation Training for the Electrical User

harmonics-2If your facility is experiencing problems such as transformer or cable overheating, or if you have erratic electronic performance, your facility may be suffering from harmonic distortion. Or if you are planning to add loads to your facility that are non-linear such as computers or uninterruptable power supplies or variable frequency drives, your facility may well develop harmonic distortion issues in the future.

Waveforms can be mutated or distorted by non-linear loads such as computers, ballast lighting, arc welders, uninterrupted power supplies and variable frequency drives. This distortion is called harmonics or harmonic distortion. The problem of harmonic distortion is growing because the use of these devices is growing. Harmonic distortion is large and will only increase in the future!

A problem with learning about harmonics is where to begin. Some people are unfamiliar with harmonics and need to start with the basics, while others know the basics but need more details on a certain concept of harmonics such as standards or software. Add to that the time constraints that we are all under and one can understand the issues with harmonic learning.
So the question becomes, “How can I learn what I need about harmonics when I am able to learn?”


Danfoss, the Danish manufacturer of the VLT frequency drives, is developing a user friendly, multi-leveled approach to harmonics learning. The concept of harmonics is broken into 5 areas so one can pick just the type of information needed. Harmonics areas include basics, software, applications, standards and solutions.

To further enhance usability, each of these 5 harmonics training programs will be available in 4 different formats. If web-based training is desired, that will be offered. If more interaction is desired, a virtual instructor-led training webinar will be offered. Unfortunately, some people just do not have the time for webinars or Vilts (virtual instructor led training in webinar format), so multiple self-study courses will be offered too.

Each of the 5 topics will be available in both E-lesson and Audio formats. E-lessons allow for a high degree of interaction and flexibility. Audio programs can be accessed while traveling which makes optimal use of travel time.

Danfoss will begin to offer these harmonic training programs in the 4th quarter of 2014. Check this blog for scheduled training dates. The courses will initially be offered in virtual instructor-led training format via a webinar. These Vilt webinars are interactive, take about 60 minutes and are free to follow. Each of the 5 sections will be offered in this format first with additional formats offered in 2015.

More information about the harmonic training programs will be made available on Danfoss’ website and Facebook page.


Article by Thomas Michalski

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