Meet Danfoss’ new employee: The Danfoss Drives troubleshooting chatbot

Danfoss Drives' troubleshooting chatbot saying hello to users

Danfoss Drives’ troubleshooting chatbot

Danfoss Drives just got a new employee who doesn’t sleep, has an inhumanly steep learning curve and is available around the clock! So, if you have a warning, fault or alarm code in your drive and no user guide nearby to search for information and do troubleshooting – no need to worry! Danfoss Drives has launched an English-speaking, troubleshooting chatbot to provide immediate customer support.

Increase your productivity with instant troubleshooting support


Taking advantage of the latest innovations in digitalization and in modular content management allows us to increase productivity by working smarter. It lets us ease up the troubleshooting for customers by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and a conversational chat robot.


Chatbots are just one way of using AI and content topics to the benefit of the customer. This real-time simulated conversation with a computer software really is the new black in our increasingly digital world. You may have encountered chatbots on your own online quest looking either to book a table at a restaurant, purchase financial or insurance services or even communicating with your local library. Most of us know it already, but in the drives business, it’s never-before-seen. The ‘Danfoss Drives troubleshooting chatbot’ will benefit customers who will get faster-than-lightning responses to their drive-related headaches around the clock. Danfoss Drives’ new technical colleague offers targeted, fast, easy and relevant product troubleshooting in the blink of an eye.


We expect the chatbot to save Danfoss customers’ time by quickly finding responses to warning, fault or alarm codes in the drive. Of course, the chatbot will not be able to answer all customer queries, but it can deal with many of the routine queries that typically make up most of the service requests. Chatbots work well where solutions are well-known and documented and therefore all simple troubleshooting is handled by the chatbot. It will also elevate the digital customer experience and enable the customer to communicate with Danfoss in the modern way that he prefers and appreciates. It’s a new way of sharing information in an instant!

Smart, smarter, chatbot!


So, how do you add intelligence to a chatbot? Let alone friendliness? The chatbot is continuously fed with new and updated information from user guides in the back-end. Its software is updated when the chatbot falls short and must resort to suggesting phoning in the issue to customer support. And in terms of friendliness, the chatbot has been programmed with a certain conversational style defining how polite or even “human” the chatbot should appear.


Our new troubleshooter is off to a good start and already knows about warnings, alarms and faults of all VACON® and VLT® key products. For now, you can use it for troubleshooting and for recurring, simple questions. But Danfoss Drives is already contemplating the next learning objectives for this new colleague. In the pipeline for the chatbot is the ability to perform programming and installation support.


For those already biting their finger nails fearing that they won’t be able to dial up a human customer support person again, the chatbot will not replace actual person-to-person drives-related contact.

If you’re the type of person who prefers grabbing the phone to reach your entrusted Danfoss support person, that will of course also be possible in the future. Rest assured that the chatbot will easily provide you with the local phone number in an instant if you need it.


The bot works well on all devices as well as both Android and IOS. When using the bot on desktop, Chrome offers the best user experience.


We would like to invite you to try the bot for yourself and encourage you to comment here in the blogpost if you have any suggestions for improvements and/or content that you wish to have included in future releases of the bot.

Authors: Giuseppe Chiorazzo, Head of Digital Customer Experience & Pasi Savola, Technical Communication Director


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