A winning team, part 2


In our recent blog post, related to Danfoss’ cooperation with the CHL ice hockey tournament, we talked a lot about how passion and dedication create a winning team. It was very evident in Frölunda Gothenburg’s performance in the CHL final. And, a similar level of passion and dedication was shown in the recent Sweden Rally.

Danfoss has teamed up with rally driver Jari-Matti Latvala and his co-driver Miikka Anttila for the 2017 World Rally Championship. Showing the highest levels of focus and determination, Jari-Matti and Miikka have been rewarded with 2nd place in the legendary Monte Carlo Rally and a spectacular 1st place in the Sweden Rally. With 11 races left, there’s a long way to go; but so far it’s looking very good for the pair.

In addition to Jari-Matti’s innate driving skills, the secret of their success very much relies on their communication. It’s Miikka’s job to tell Jari-Matti what lies ahead, where to turn, how hard to turn and what obstacles to look out for. If the communication isn’t perfectly clear, the partnership would fail.

It’s this level of communication that Danfoss Drives strives to achieve with you, our customers. We want to work as closely with you as possible so that we can get a real feel for your business and the applications that you rely on.

And then there’s the close cooperation between the man and his machine. Years of research and development go into building the perfect vehicle, and hours of blood, sweat and tears go into learning how to handle the machine and get the best out of it in a huge range of unpredictable conditions.

The same kind of dedication, spirit and passion in relation to technological development, craftsmanship and service is shown by all Danfoss Drives employees. We work hard every day to find the best ways to help you navigate through the complexities of today’s industrial life. We aim to provide you with the best products and the highest levels of advice and support to ensure we add value to your processes and your business. For example, we’ve recently released information about our comprehensive portfolio of services that span the entire lifecycle of your drives. Our DrivePro® services, delivered by application experts, are customized to your requirements, whenever and wherever you need them.

But, partnership is a two-way street. We rely on your input and your feedback to help us create a winning team. Let us know in the comments what your biggest challenges are and how we can help you overcome them. We’re here to help!

Let’s keep the communication channels open and the seamless cooperation flowing so, like Jari-Matti and Miikka, we can also produce some amazing results together.

Author: Joni Lampinen, Vice President, Marketing, Danfoss Drives

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