4 reasons why the Vacon and Danfoss merger is great for customers

When two experts in variable speed drives form the second-largest, focused, motor-independent company in the world, it clearly means a wealth of new and exciting business opportunities. But what exactly makes this merger even more exciting than most other mergers? Please read on to find out.

1. The incredibly impressive size

Danfoss Drives is the world’s second-largest manufacturer of variable speed drives. The sheer size of the company reinforces our role as a partner who can match the needs of large, international players in the market. Danfoss Drives has the muscle and the portfolio to be able to offer even more competitive variable drive products and services than ever before.

With 68 years’ experience and 5,000 dedicated professionals, we have the drives culture and the scope and scale to offer the highest quality, application-optimized products, and to provide the ultimate customer experience.

2. The even greater global presence

Danfoss Drives is a truly global player, with four factories in Europe, and two each in China, India and the US. Not only does this mean unparalleled career opportunities, but also international R&D expertise to match the local requirements, and strengthen the competitive edge, of customers around the world.

With centers of excellence in key regions, sales companies in more than 50 countries and an overall presence in more than 100 countries, Danfoss Drives has a truly global reach and a professional local touch. The distance to products, service and support is minimal.

3. The huge potential in research and development

Out of the 5,000 experts employed by our combined businesses, around 1,000 are research and development engineers. While the availability of current products and services is guaranteed, this amazing concentration of R&D expertise enables us to push the boundaries of innovation. Together we are engineering products that save even more energy than before, further optimize processes, and enable the world of tomorrow to do more with less.

4. The perfect match

The expertise and focus of Danfoss and Vacon complement each other perfectly. In fact President of Danfoss Drives, Vesa Laisi argues that there are fewer overlaps between the two businesses than you might expect. While Danfoss’ strength lies in the lower power range, particularly in the HVAC, Food & Beverage, Refrigeration and Water industries, Vacon leads the way in power generation and industrial applications in challenging environments such as Marine and Metals at the high power end of the market. The natural outcome is an even more versatile portfolio with fantastic potential for expansion. And, obviously, our customers will benefit from products and services that are strengthened by decades of combined experience and expertise.

As one company, we are looking forward to a bright and exciting future and to strengthening our business partnerships based on mutual trust, respect and unity. And, as one family, we are driven by drives and passionate about providing a competitive edge in key applications across various industries. Let us achieve the extraordinary together.

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