35,000 downloads – the beauty of digitalization

Since 2015, Danfoss Drives product data has been available in the global EPLAN Data Portal. This year alone, information on products has been downloaded more than 35,000 times.

“This is the first time Danfoss Drives products have been implemented into this type of portal. It’s all about creating a digital customer experience. By providing a digital technical product library and smart data, we help both existing and new customers decide more clearly how they want to use our products,” explains Joni Lampinen, Head of Global Marketing at Danfoss Drives.

What is the EPLAN Data Portal?
The EPLAN Data Portal is a web service built into the EPLAN Platform. It provides online access to valuable device data from numerous component manufacturers. This data can be dragged and dropped into EPLAN documentation. All products anchored to the EPLAN Platform can access this service. Simply adding the components available to the project reduces configuration work and increases the quality of machine and system documentation.

“This is not about just delivering big data. We have responded to customer requests and have used EPLAN to provide focused, clear and digital product data,” describes Kyösti Rajala, Project Manager, Danfoss Drives.

Data sets include a wealth of information
The downloadable Danfoss Drives product data sets include the following information:

– Pre-designed schematics

– Metadata of part components

– Automatically generated lists on parts plus other automated reports

– PLC diagrams and 2D layout graphics

– Pre-designed mechanical 3D layouts of drives

– Production information (drilling, wiring)

– Product documentation

The languages supported are English, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, German and French.

Faster, more reliable engineering

Using the building blocks and pre-defined models from the portal, customers can engineer their projects must faster and more reliably. The data sets flow from the portal directly to the customer’s own design and order-handling process, speeding up the process considerably. And the significant reduction in digital part implementation is another clear benefit.

“We have found the Danfoss Drives EPLAN to be very helpful. We use it, for example, to design schematic circuit diagrams. It makes things a lot simpler for us. Data is downloaded to the right place in the system, and is easy-to-use and edit in the future,” states Esa Peltomaa, Automation Design Engineer, Steerprop Ltd.

Next steps
The portal currently covers a portion of the Danfoss Drives product portfolio, and work is continuing to add more products almost every month.

This is a concrete example of the digital transformation at Danfoss Drives; you can read more about our journey here. And if you have questions or comments about our digital services, or any other services, don’t hesitate to post them in the box below.

Author: Kyösti Rajala, Project. Manager, Electrical Engineering Tools, Danfoss Drives

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  1. 35,000 downloads, the number itself suggest the usefulness of the portal. After reading the details I must say that the number will be keep increasing in future.

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