10 ready-made energy-efficiency solutions


At the end of 2016, the European commission published a package called ‘Clean Energy for all Europeans’. Made up of nine legislative proposals and seven non-legislative documents, the package is designed to increase energy efficiency, boost renewable energy usage, reform the European energy market, introduce new governance measures for the Energy Union and support clean energy innovation.

Already in 2014, the European Council committed the European Union to cutting carbon emissions by 40%, as well as achieving a 27% share for renewable energy, and improving energy efficiency by 27% by 2030. The European Union is well on its way to fulfilling these goals.

Pulling together as a group

On this blog, we focus on the Danfoss Drives segment. But Danfoss, as a group, also includes three other segments: Danfoss Cooling, Danfoss Heating and Danfoss Power Solutions. Working individually and pulling together as a group, each segment is committed to accelerating the speed and scale of investments in energy efficiency and engineering technologies that enable the world of tomorrow to do more with less.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll present 10 ready-made solutions for more energy efficiency. We’ll discuss how it’s important to get the basics right and how taking a system approach is the way to go. We’ll talk about energy recovery and sector coupling. And, finally, well explain why it’s essential to exploit the potential of digitalization to create new business models and optimize processes.

Each solution will present, for example, articles, case stories and white papers to provide more information and demonstrate the benefits of energy efficiency.

Bookmark this page to make sure you get to read all 10 solutions. And let us know in the Comments box below if there’s any particular topic you would like us to cover on this blog. We’re happy to tackle complex issues or just provide ‘good to know’ information. In the meantime, you can read more about energy efficiency on our website.

Author: Vesa Laisi, President, Danfoss Drives

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